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The moment you first land at Red Stag Casino, you're going to see some of the new games and highlighted games to watch out for inside the collection. The hottest game of the month, the new releases… they're all there for you to discover. Some of the top poker and table games get a mention too - it's not all about slots and pokies!

Choose your favorite game category in seconds

All the best game types are there inside the menu. Will you go for some classic three-reel slots today or will you try some video slots instead?

Perhaps you will head for some blackjack or table games, or the video poker if the mood strikes. Whatever you are keen to play today, tomorrow, or any day, you can bet on finding the best games at Red Stag Casino every single time.

Try a demo now

Aside from the progressive jackpot games, you can try anything you like at Red Stag. You're not even asked to be a member of the casino before experimenting with some of the available games. If you see a demo invitation, hit it, and begin playing once the game loads. It is that easy to begin at Red Stag Casino.

Discover the progressive jackpots all in one place

While all the games list the current progressive jackpot amount (if there is one, of course), Red Stag has put them all inside their own category in the menu. So, if there are games you've spotted that you're keen to try, you can bet on finding them all faster than you'd believe.

Want to find your own favorites?

No worries - you can find them all inside your own area of the website once you've logged in. It couldn't be easier to settle in and play your favorite casino games whenever you visit Red Stag Casino. Are you ready to make a splash and play those games today?